SEIWA KASEI wins BSB Innovation Prize Awards in Amsterdam


SEIWA KASEI took the 2nd prize for new product "Amitose R-PD" in the functional ingredient category at BSB.

*The BSB Innovation Prize for cosmetics, innovative raw materials and products were awarded in 2018 at Amsterdam.

Amitose R-PD is a long-lasting moisturizing ingredient for skin care, hair care and scalp care. Made from the combination of glycerin and arginine, Amitose R-PD provides a moisturizing effect superior to the sum of its components. Furthermore, the adsorption power of arginine bestows a long-lasting moisturizing effect even after rinsing. It is a preservative free and China compliant product.
INCI name: Dihydroproxypropyl Arginine HCl, Water

Amitose R-PD

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