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Seiwa Kasei provides several unique cosmetic ingredients such as hydrolyzed protein and its derivatives, microcapsules containing UV absorbers, peptide/silicone hybrid polymers and vitamin C derivatives.

PromoisMore product details

Hydrolyzed Proteins (Peptides) and its Derivatives

Promois is the trademark for peptides and their derivatives obtained through hydrolysis of various proteins such as collagen and keratin, proteins derived from silk, milk, pearl, peas and soybeans, wheat, rice, sesame, and fish collagen. The derivatives include cationized, acylated, esterified, and silylated types, so you can make your selection to suit a variety of applications.

SilasomaMore product details

Microcapsules Containing Ultraviolet Absorbers

Silasoma is the trademark for aqueous dispersions in microcapsules having an average particle diameter of 2μm, which encapsulate UV absorbers. Encapsulating the UV absorbers provides a soft and light after-feel. It also allows for a surfactant-free and safer sun protection formulation.

ProtesilMore product details

Peptide and Silicone Hybrid Polymers

Protesil is a novel hybrid polymer created from the fusion of peptides and silicone. One type thinly and uniformly coats hair surfaces when incorporated into hair care products and another type can be applied to sun protection and make-up formulations since it possesses W/O emulsifying and powder dispersion properties.

Amitose VC seriesMore product details

Moisturizing Vitamin C Derivatives

Amitose VC series is a novel moisturizing vitamin C derivative produced by fusion of vitamin C and glycerin. It mainly has an inhibitory effect on melanin production and a moisturizing effect. In addition to these effects, each of them has unique features like oil-in-water emulsifying ability. It is suitable for being applied to aging-care cosmetics such as skin-toners, serums and skin-creams.

Amitose RMore product details

Glycerin Derivatives of Arginine

Amitose R is a novel glycerin derivative produced by fusion of arginine and glycerin.
It is very safe and stable and is applied to a wide range of cosmetic formulations from hair care to skin care products. It has a persistent moisturizing effect even after washing-off.

VegetamideMore product details

Plant-derived "Liquid Cuticle"

Vegetamide is a plant-derived hair conditioning ingredient that has a similar structure to F-Layer (Main Component: 18-MEA), which is the barrier structure of hair cuticles. The hair surface, stripped of its F-layer due to hair damage, can be restored to a healthy state by the concentrated application of the similarly structured Vegetamide.

VistanolMore product details

Stable Ester Oils

Vistanol is a series of highly stable ester oils that have high oxidation stability. They have barely any color or smell, and are suitable for incorporation into skin care and make-up formulations. You can choose from refreshing low viscosity oils and moist high viscosity oils.

OthersMore product details

We also offer various functional components such as soluble keratin, amino acids cocktail, anti-aging collagen and plant extracts.

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